Posted by Carlos Crameri
May 27, 2020

Top 3 Press Release Companies in the United States

While press releases (PR) arenʼt as powerful as they used to be for marketing and SEO, theyʼre still relevant in 2020.

The key is to pick a reputable company that won’t simply spam media outlets.

Below are the topics weʼll be going over in this article.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a written document that contains some news worthy information.

The purpose of a press release is to make media members aware of your news in hopes that they will pick up your story and spread the word. The press release is usually sent to journalists and editors who may use the information to write a news article.

Therefore, it can be said that press releases are one of the best ways in marketing to share your ideas, some important information, and your increase your business brand.

Why is Press Release distribution used?

PR distribution can be referred to as the process of seeding out or spreading your press release to members of press and media locally, nationally or even globally.

A press release hits news channels, magazines, newspapers, and news websites,

leaving your brand highlighted for the people. Why is a Press Release important for SEO and Marketing?

Why is a Press Release important for SEO and Marketing?

PR distribution hits your search engine optimization in a positive way and can increase organic traffic.

  • Local foot traffic comes on your website
  • It can accelerate your sales if your PR is related to your product
  • Possibility of high authority links from news sites
  • Increase in social media shares
  • Increase name recognition

List of the top 3 PR Companies in USA

We’ve now summarized the importance of PR companies, so here’s the list we’ve all been waiting for:


Newswire Jet is a fairly new platform where you can safely and easily order legit PR distribution. Here are some of the great affordable packages:

Cheap Rates:

Newswire Jet provides you with the opportunity to have your press release distributed at a reasonable price up to 4 times a month.

Starting at only $59 and topping at $149, this is by far the most
affordable option…

But are they worth it?

Writing Services:

For $149, you not only get 400+ placements, but you also receive Professional PR Writing! 

This is a no brainer.

Best Quality:

Despite charging less for their services, the quality of the service is great and the customer service was excellent. 

A day or two after the PR is distributed, the Newswire Jet team sends you a PDF with links showing all the distribution outlets.


Newswire Jet does not have many reviews, but at least they are all high. G2, one of the worlds most credible review sites has them listed with a 4.8. 

CuriousCheck has provided an overall online reputation
score of 4.7.


Here we have eReleases, which also stands in the list of best service providers related to press release distribution.

eReleases is a bit more expensive than its competitors. It provides its services in three different programs, and these prices range from $299 to $499.

Writing services

Writing services are an additional $300 for 500 words, which is also very expensive, but you’ll be utilizing experts in the field.

If unsure of how to start with writing a press release article, hire someone with high reviews off Fiverr and tweek it to fit your goal. If you don’t like the direction they go, don’t be afraid to ask for a revision. 

Always be clear on your goals. You can read more on how to write a press release at the end of this article.

eReleases is Well Managed:

Even though eReleases charges more than its competitors and looks like it has not changed its website in 20 years, its services provide you amazing benefits.

Itʼs a well-managed system that truly compensates the money you spend on it.

Ultimately, the customer remains in benefit and the customer service is above average.

See our experience with eReleases below if youʼve never used them.

Visit CuriousCheck to view eReleaseʼs business profile and easily browse through all the reviews, additional info, and to sign up.


PR Web provides its customers with press release distribution services.

It also has some remarkable features that differentiate PR Web from other service providers. Letʼs discuss them:


Medium Price:

If price is compared with other service providers, PR Web lies in the mid-range pricing. There are four packages that range from Basic to Premium and cost you from $99 to $389.

Controversy of reviews:

There are a number of customers who do not seem satisfied with the services of the PR Web.

Here’s a break down on their current online reputation:

Trustpilot shows a score of 2.7
G2 shows a score of 3.8
Sitejabber shows a score of 2.3

Still Good Enough:

Despite being accused of the bad service provider, PR Web is still
enjoying good strength of customers and much of the reviews are in part due to a lack of customer service.

Easily compare each company above on the CuriousCheck Platform. Here you can easily view features, online reputation and reviews from all companies and more on Press Release Distribution companies.

Whatʼs the best day to send a press release in 2020?

The best day to send your press release is Tuesday, followed by Thursday then Wednesday.

The worst day to send your press release is on Friday (For obvious reasons) and Monday (The busiest day of the week).

The best time to send your press release is early at 9o00 AM, or late at 8o00 PM EST.

Whatʼs a great press release template?

The next step in learning how to write a press release is understanding the press release format.

If your press release conforms to a format that a journalist is familiar with, your odds of getting published are higher.

Press Release Format

Hereʼs a typical press release format from experts: :

Headline: A title that clearly explains what the release is about – Is it a product launch? A new development? A corporate restructuring?

Location: Where you are and where the news is taking place

Lead: The first paragraph that summarizes the most important information
about your story

Body: Detailed information provided in decreasing levels of importance

Boilerplate: A few words describing your company to the audience

Press Contact: Name and contact details of your media coordinator or
communications executive.

Typically, anyone who the reporter can get in touch with to get more information.

CuriousCheck’s Press Release Example

Our first press release we used was eReleases. The package we chose was the Newsmaker for $399. You can now save $100 off eReleases going through the link. 

eReleases’ team did a fantastic job keeping us updated up to 30 days after.

Our story was published in 126 news outlets nationwide, with Yahoo News and MarketWatch having the highest domain authority. 

Thereʼs nothing better than Googling your business, clicking on news and seeing your small business show up.

After about a week, a high domain authority site, SmallBizTrends, contacted us to write an interview article.

This stage is called…

Turning a press release into an article in a publication.

The best part is, that most journalists include a backlink, thus helping your Google rankings and authority.

What to do after ordering a Press Release?

This is an important process to adding more exposure to your brand.

Share Your Successful Links
Share the links from the press release to increase impressions, clicks, and SEO. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Alignable, Google My Business page. Utilize new social media channels like Parler and MeWe as they’re young and growing.

Embed On Your Site
Create a “News” or “Media” page on your site and spotlight them here. 


Add to Your Email Campaign
Letting your target audience know is very important and show them that you’re growing and constantly improving. 


Do Some Research
Go to a relevant blog in your niche, blog authors, or industry expert and share the press release with them and ask them if they’d be interested in writing about your site. Twitter is a great way to reach blog authors easily. 

Let us know about your experience in the comments!