• We Know HR.

    HR Experts who know the technology, issues and competitive landscape

    Informed Content - Targeted Delivery - Consistent Discovery - Increased  Engagement & Sales 

  • We Know SEO.

    Search Engineers who know how to optimize your content to consistently reach your targeted audiences.

    Informed Content - Targeted Delivery - Consistent Discovery - Increased Engagement & Sales

  • We Know What Works.

    HR Marketers who get results that raise your profile, support sales, and help grow your business.

    Informed Content - Targeted Delivery - Consistent Discovery - Increased  Engagement & Sales 

Our Process

  • Evaluate core marketing and sales objectives.  
  • Asess marketing organization, functions and systems and how well marketing supports the sales organization.
  • Audit Communications (website, marketing collaterals, etc.) for message consistency, clarity, design and performance (site ranking, clicks, bounce rate, etc).
  • Clarify and establish marketing and sales goals.
  • Align messaging with these goals.
  • Identify key words and lay out SEO “roadmap”
  • Establish workflow: coordinate external and internal teams as well as marketing processes (automation tools and resources).
  • Set meeting protocols and intervals.
  • Establish “cadence” of events/announcements.
  • Write/Create marketing communications (white papers, case studies, press releases, blog posts, etc.).
  • Optimize communications for SEO
  • Distribute across all pertinent online channels: media/analyst contacts, social media, blog.
  • Create backlinks for SEO.
  • Follow up to secure media placement.   
  • Measure: media placements, search engine rankings, page views, pipeline activity.
  • Assess what’s working, what’s not; refine marketing messages accordingly.
  • Test, refine, incorporate, re-deploy.

Subject Matter Expertise

Customized Deliverables.

We offer a full complement of HR-focused content, with specialized media and SEO support. We will work with you to meet a specific objective or long-term marketing strategy. 

Marketing Content

📜 White papers, Case Studies, Articles, Press Releases, Email Campaigns. 

Public Relations

📩 Consistent, high-level media coverage that elevates your brand, validates your products, and establishes thought leadership.   


✍🏾 Website Performance Optimization (WPO), Content Optimization, Backlink Outreach

Social Media Posts & Distribution

🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏽 We systematically generate “thematic” content across all social media platforms.

Webinar Content

🌎 We script and design high-impact webinars/webcasts. Can also moderate. 

Targeted Landing Pages

🎯 Includes design, copy and SEO optimization.

Podcast Production

🧑‍🎤 Turnkey service includes a customized sound template, editing,  production, hosting, and promotion – with integrated SEO.

Video Promos

 🎞️ Capture your target audience with engaging 15 – 60 second videos.

Interactive Content

👩‍💻 Surveys, Infographics, Quizzes and other tools to promote user engagement.

About Us

CuriousCheck and BackBone deliver a powerful combination of HR, public relations, digital marketing and production expertise.

CuriousCheck and BackBone deliver a powerful combination of HR, public relations, digital marketing and production expertise.

Carlos Crameri

Founder of Curious Check, LLC

“Being discovered in today's competitive online marketplace is about creating content that is timely and available from multiple well-regarded sources - combined with a deep understanding of ever-changing search engine algorithms. We’re pleased to partner with BackBone, a true pioneer in HR-focused marketing and PR. Their work is on point, highly readable, and deeply informed - essential in promoting visibility, engagement and trust."
Founder and CEO, Curious Check LLC
A Digital Marketing Company Specializing in the Human Resources & Legal Space

Charles Epstein

President of BackBone, Inc.

"As HR Technology specialists, we know the issues, trends and competitive landscape, enabling us to craft informed, timely messages that resonate. Curious Check has demonstrated a rare ability to get their clients ranked and noticed on all the major search engines. Together, we’ll be able to help clients rise above the noise, and send messages that make the most meaningful impression and have the greatest impact."
charles epstein world at work
President of BackBone, Inc
A marketing communications and PR company with over 25 years of HR technology expertise.

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