Turnkey Branded Podcasts

“I honestly don’t know of any other medium where you can make such a deep, personal connection with your listeners.” 

Podcast Production with Integrated SEO

Branded Podcasts Produced and Managed by Renowned Multimedia Creative Team Alexander & Epstein 

In association with Curious Check’s digital marketers.

The Power of Podcast Marketing 

“Overall, podcasts are not just for marketing. They also help to educate and connect with customers at a deeper level while building a community. In an age where brands want to be present across social media platforms, podcasts are not something which should be missed out on.” 

Podcast As Marketing Tool: It Creates Value For Listeners

To Be Heard You First Must be Seen: the First Goal of Your Podcast Marketing Strategy

You don’t have to be Joe Rogan to produce a successful podcast. You need to reach – or be found – by your target market. Branded podcasts that apply up-to-date SEO principles and methods will attract ears and eyes on the front end (via SEO) and reward visitors/listeners on the back end with a highly engaging, informative, even entertaining piece of content

Custom Built

  1. Select Format
    Co-hosted (with member of your organization)


  2. Develop Sound Template
    theme music
    voice-over intro and close


  3. Frequency

Turnkey Production

  • We schedule the interviews
  • Provide professional production support (editing, de-noising, promotional “drops,” etc.).
  • Distribute each podcast for streaming at: Apple, Google and Amazon Podcasts, Spotify.

Podcasting and SEO

SEO Infused Podcasting

We deliver high-performing podcasts by combining professional production expertise with a deep level of up-to-date knowledge of ever-changing search algorithms.

The Process

By utilizing the most modern tactics of SEO and marketing tactics, you'll start ranking for your podcasts on key words that attract your target audience. In addition, we'll be reaching out to relevant industry partners for link building (Including guests, hosts, related blogs, podcast channels etc.)

The Results

Company-branded podcasts attract ears and eyes on the front end and rewards listeners on the back end with a highly engaging, informative, even entertaining piece of content.

Professional Podcast Production

Helmed by Renowned  Multimedia Creative Team Alexander & Epstein 

Tom Alexander and Charles Epstein have been a multi-media creative team for 20 years. They’ve developed, produced and hosted several nationally syndicated radio shows and are co-hosts/producers of a number of popular B2B podcasts.

Host, Producer Charles Epstein is a marketing executive, tech entrepreneur, business/humor writer and columnist (Workspan’s NSFW, HuffPo). 

Host, Producer Tom Alexander is a composer and recording artist, voiceover specialist and Silver Microphone Award-winning broadcaster.

We’re happy to schedule a call to discuss how we can create and produce a branded podcast that amplifies your core marketing messages, promoting deeper and more authentic engagement between you and your audience – and how we can apply proven SEO methods to get your podcast seen and heard!

Frequently Asked Questions On Branded-Podcasts

Podcasting can be used to hypertarget audiences and reach pre-defined business goals. With our strategic podcast marketing, we help you:

  • Steadily grow your audience
  • Enhance discoverability of your brand
  • Naturally spread awareness about your business
  • Build authority and trust for your business
  • Develop connection with your audience and create a loyal customer base
  • Divert traffic by influencing the audience to take action

The ideal length of a podcast episode depends on the topic and the content. There are several popular podcasts that are as short as 10 minutes and as long as an hour.

So, if you produce a podcast that’s about 15-30 minutes in length, you should be good to go. Most important thing to remember is that the topic should be adequately covered without irrelevant content.

There isn’t a universally applicable timeline for producing a podcast since it completely depends on the scope of the project.

However, It’s important to factor in the time required for pre-recording, research and preparation, recording, editing, and uploading the podcast. Considering all this, an average estimate comes to vary between a few hours to a couple of days.

With 1-1 support from Curious Check, you can easily mold podcasts to fit in your schedule and budget. Send us a message now to discuss your requirements.

To get more podcast listeners, it’s important to develop and implement an effective podcast marketing strategy. Promoting your podcast on social media platforms, inviting star guests and interacting with the listeners are some of the many ways you can increase your subscribers.


You can also leverage our efficient podcast marketing services to attract new listeners and meet your business goals.

Curious Check can help you employ a proven strategy geared towards strategically distributing and promoting your podcasts amongst interested audiences.


There are proven methods for tracking the success and effectiveness of a podcast marketing campaign. Besides monitoring the number of downloads and subscribers, you can also measure the podcast reviews, site traffic, conversions, sign-ups, and engagement etc.

Our podcast promotion company utilizes advanced metrics to accurately measure whether the time and money spent on producing the podcasts is actually translating into business impact.  Get in touch with us now.

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