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SEO isn't only about Search Engines and keywords, we'll make sure you get to calculate a clear ROI utilizing multiple marketing methods.

Video Marketing

51% of marketing professionals worldwide consider videos as the tool with the best ROI. Buy one or Buy in Bulk videos from 15 - 60 seconds long.

Web Design

Custom web design to deliver higher sales, repeated visits, and more brand engagement.

Software Directory

Find top-rated and affordable business software on our premium directory.

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Keyword Research

One of the most important strategies. Bottom line, if your SEO partner doesn't understand your industry and use modern analytics tools, you're wasting your money. Contact us asap to compare your current one with one of ours.

Competitive Analysis

Organize the top backlink strategies from your competitors and into your own SEO strategy. This is extremely important. Competitor backlink scraping is a proven method that works!

Content Optimization

From geo-tagging city pages, structured data markup to reverse engineering the top pages of Google for first page rankings. We got you covered!

Analytics and Click Heatmaps

It's imperative to not only measure data, but measure the RIGHT data. We'll provide you the top KPIs for site health, keyword growth, and user experience.

The #1 Question Everyone has:

How Long Does SEO Take?

You begin seeing the benefits of our services almost immediately, as pages on your website are optimized to get found by Search Engines. Their content improves, their code takes a step up, their customers are happier, and within just a few months, traffic to their website spikes and their business starts growing like never before.

SEO clients can expect to start seeing their keywords climb the rankings within two to three months of service.

By the 6 month of service, nearly all our client’s strategic keywords have reached page one of Google and show an increase in organic-targeted traffic. With your 24/7 dashboard, you’ll easily be able to track results through critical KPIs and goal tracking software, which helps us measure the increased number of calls and inquires coming from your site. 

SEO Key Terms

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Organic traffic is ANY traffic (internet users) that click on your search engine results. 

Organic traffic excludes paid traffic (Like Google Ads) and Referral traffic (people who type web address or links).

Reverse Engineering in SEO analyzes your top competitors and top result pages on Google to provide you exactly what you should add to your page or blog to reach the first page of search results. 

Website Design – Sometimes designing a website and/or content requires to update your site, redo certain code, and add more pages.

For instance, Local SEO sometimes requires to add specific geographic-specific pages to target the areas you need. 

Depending on your platform (Wix, SquareSpace, WordPress etc…) we will gladly help or if we can’t, we will refer you to the best of the best. 

If you already have a great web design team, then great! We will simply provide a To-Do-List on your SEO campaign.  

Social Media – Yes, we can manage these social media accounts:

Alignable, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. Sorry, no Twitter, but we can refer you to companies that can.  

We’ve been asked this numerous times and yes, there’s is such a thing as Spanish SEO services.

In fact, all languages have their own SEO optimization processes. 

As our founder is Hispanic, he has made a big push for SEO in Spanish because of the massive opportunities, especially in the United States to help Spanish speaking people find what they need. 

Latin America is becoming a major manufacturing and e-commerce hub. Now is the time to jump on it. 

Top Agency Questions

The short answer is, probably.

CuriousCheck, like any marketing, advertising, or media company, has a variety of clients, and sometimes our clients have similar products or services.

We treat this the same way as the TV industry’s ads. You might see a commercial for both Mcdonalds and Burger King while watching the same channel, but both are fine with that because each company gets exposure to the audience they want to target.

This is the same idea with an SEO strategy. We can help similar companies achieve high search rankings for a variety of keywords that are similar to your products. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of keywords for each industry. 

If you have any questions give us a call at 404-590-0329 or simply email

We’re an Atlanta SEO company. However, even though we’re a company in Atlanta, we service companies around the world.

Our industries we specialize in are digital products, like Saas platforms, data platforms, Background Screening industry, Human Resource industry, and the Legal field. 

Even though we specialize in these industries, we have also worked and tremendously helped construction, BIM, art, local businesses and more. Reach out for a free site audit and suggestions to boost your business. 

Modern Marketing Strategies

We Bring You New Customers

Whether your goal is more eCommerce sales, subscriptions, phone calls, or simply more traffic, we’ll provide the perfect roadmap to maximize your ROI. 

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Our Five Star Reviews on Trustpilot, Clutch and Google Speak for Themselves.

Ivan Cadena
Ivan Cadena
Verified Google Review
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There’s no doubt when I say that Curious Check is a professional SEO company. Their SEO services are top-notch and their team listened to our needs. In just a few months our website traffic and search-engine rankings noticeably improved. New clients were finally finding us online! They're one of the best agencies we've ever worked with and would highly recommend them to anybody!
Jordan Beasley
Jordan Beasley
Verified Google Review
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CuriousCheck is a blessing for anyone with questions on how to build a solid business foundation for future growth. 10 of 10 will recommend to colleagues and coworkers alike.
D Dozier
D Dozier
Verified Google Review
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I threw a curveball, they knocked it out of the park. I was recommended by a client and I now eagerly recommend them to any small business.
Patrick Whiddon
Patrick Whiddon
Verified Google Review
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I wish CuriousCheck was around when I had my first business- this has been a definite positive for the second time around and has made the hassles I went through the first time non-existent. Employees and staff are exceptional, and I would recommend to all my business comrades.
Lucas Gil Canton
Lucas Gil Canton
Verified TrustPilot Review
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As the CEO of a Startup entering the HR/Background Screening space, being able to find all relevant players at one site is extremely valuable. Not only is it good to check the status of the market, and the innovations taking place, but also to find potential partners and applications we can use ourselves! I recommend CuriousCheck to anyone who wants to improve their business through...
Tracy Shatus
Tracy Shatus
Google Review
Read More
This company went above and beyond in listening to the needs of my small business and delivered in a big way!!! Within 4 months, ranking for top keywords and custom built our background check eCommerce platform!
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