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Square video ad specs

  • Instagram square video ad minimum resolution is 600 x 600 pixels.
  • The proper aspect ratio is 1:1.

Vertical video ad specs

  • Instagram vertical video ad minimum resolution is 600 x 750 pixels.
  • The proper aspect ratio is 4:5.

Instagram Stories video ad specs

  • Recommended resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels.
  • Aspect ratio: 9:16.
  • All formats should be either MP4 or MOV.
  • Max video size is 4GB.
  • Must have a resolution minimum of 720p.


Non-Skippable Video Ads

Non-skippable video ads must be watched before your video can be viewed.

These ads can also appear before, during, or after the main video, and depending on the region you’re targeting, they can also play for 15 or 20 seconds.

  • Platform: Desktop and mobile
  • Must be uploaded to YouTube and the videos themselves must be public or unlisted
  • Companion image specs:
  • 300×60
  • JPG, static GIF, or PNG
  • Follow Google’s image ad policies
  • Maximum size: 150 KB
  • Length: 12 seconds to 3 minutes (less than 30 seconds recommended)

Skippable Video Ads

Skippable video ads play before the main video begins. Depending on how YouTube servers up content, is possible for viewers to see more than one skippable ads. This type of ad allows viewers to skip ads after 5 seconds if they choose. Providing viewers with the option to skip your ad can also lead to viewers experiencing a combination of skippable and bumper ads play back-to-back. 

  • Platform: Desktop, mobile, TV and game consoles
  • Must be uploaded to YouTube
  • Companion image specs:
  • 300×60 pixels
  • JPG, static GIF, or PNG
  • Google ad image policies apply
  • Maximum Size. 1KB
  • Length: Maximum 6 seconds


When it comes to video, Facebook has one key recommendation to its advertisers: Design For Mobile

Facebook currently recommends video sizes of square (1:1) or vertical (4:5, 2:3 and 9:16) aspect ratios, to maximize compatibility on both desktop and mobile screens. The platform also highly advises to keep videos length short (15 seconds or less) and creating videos with and without sound.

Twitter Promoted Video

Tweet copy

280 characters (Note: Each link used reduces character count by 23 characters, so for example, using one link would leave 257 characters for Tweet copy.)

File size

Max 1GB

Video length

Recommended: 15 seconds or less

Max: 2 minutes and 20 seconds (select advertisers are eligible to request an increase up to 10 minutes). Per Twitter Marketing Page. 

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