Adventures in Podcast Marketing – Interview With CEO Carlos Crameri

In this episode

CuriousCheck’s founder and CEO Carlos Crameri joins us for an engaging and informative conversation. We discuss what he did before founding CuriousCheck,  why he founded CuriousCheck, and the digital marketing services they provide. He then helps us understand SEO, which many misunderstand, mainly because so many companies offering SEO services don’t deliver on their promises. 

He then lays out the basics of CuriousCheck’s proven SEO methods. We ask him about the power of combining SEO with branded podcasts, and why more organizations are embracing Company Podcasts to communicate with an increasingly distributed workforce and rebuild their company culture.

If you’re interested in learning how to do SEO right and rank higher on Google searches, how to use the communications reach and impact of podcasting for effective branding and product marketing as well as internal company engagement, you’ve come to the right place!

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2:00 – Carlos tells us about Curious Check.

2:40 – The impetus for starting CuriousCheck.

4:20 – The 2-3 most comment misconceptions of SEO.

5:50 – Have you seen more interest in creating branded podcasts and integrating them into the marketing mix?

6:35 – Carlos’ 5 DIY Tips on Podcast SEO to start ranking your podcast on Google

8:30 – Why internal company podcasts have the potential to give company leadership an effective way to communicate and maintain a coherent company culture.

8:50 – What podcasts do you listen to?

9:42 – Tom’s professional and personal opinion on what goes into a solid podcast.

10:38 – Carlos on why Podcasting and SEO are a natural fit and the payoff-companies can see when both are optimized. 

Welcome to Adventures in Podcast Marketing

I’m Tom Alexander with my friend and co-host, Charles Epstein. Hey Charles.

Charles: Hey Tom. Yes, another white knuckle, death defying adventure in podcast marketing. High risk, high reward, as they say, Tom.

Tom: Yes. Some do things because they’re easy, we do them because they’re hard.

Charles: I was a little on edge, but now I’m inspired and ready to go. Thank you.   

Tom:  Anytime.

Charles: So…who’s joining us on today’s adventure in podcast marketing, Tom.

 Tom: Today we’ll be speaking with Carlos Crameri, founder and CEO of CuriousCheck, a full service digital marketing company. He joins us today from…Hey Carlos.

(Intro banter)

Tom: Carlos – tell us a little about Curious Check.

Carlos: Sure – So CuriousCheck is a Digital Marketing Agency specializing in SEO and other growth hacks, like interactive content, video ads, press releases, social media, sales funnels,  and ton more.

What pretty much got me into marketing was when I worked for the 9th fastest growing private company in north America. In literally only 2 years… they went from a startup – to reaching Deloitte’s fast 500.  

I saw first-hand what SEO tactics actually worked and what were way out-dated. BUT More importantly, I saw how quickly they adjusted their tactics from new Google Algorithms and pushed its duties to even the Sales teams to help with SEO.


From there I had a ton of other situations, but basically started doing hundreds of different marketing and SEO experiments to later figure out the perfect processes and opened up curiouscheck.

Charles: When I founded BackBone,  a marketing, pr and bus dev company, in the mid 90s, I had previously held several senior marketing and pr positions with a number of firms and just decided, you know what, I can do this better. What was the impetus for starting CC? Put another way – what does CC do better?

Carlos: Well, not sure about your past experience with SEO companies, but I typically have to scenarios: P

People Either have never started SEO and I have to start from scratch, and educate them through the process — or My favorite – they’ve been burned before because they used a company that simply asked for their keywords and then they just provided a report at the end of the month.

We are completely different. We strategize weekly, and use a full set of Digital marketing tactics, like interactive content, videos, we fully analyze their top competitors and start finding backlinks where they leave backlinks…and we provide full transparency in all work history we do.

Tom: What are the 2-3 most comment misconceptions re SEO?

  1. That SEO is a One-Time-Only Thing. It’s definitely not. SEO is a process that’s all about consistency.
  2. That Internal links don’t matter. In Fact Internal links help tremendously.
  3. That Guest Blogging Doesn’t Work

Charles: A recent article in Entrepeneur made a very strong case for why you should use podcasting in your marketing strategy (3 Revenue-Increasing Reasons Why You Should Use a Podcast in Your Content Marketing Strategy). Here’s an excerpt:  Audio content through the use of podcasting is a powerful content marketing strategy that connects business leaders directly to their consumers in a more intimate way. When your consumers hear a “voice,” they feel more deeply connected to your brand.  Have you seen more interest in creating branded podcasts and integrating them into the marketing mix?

(Carlos:  yes – more companies are doing “branded podcasts,” but they’re missing the SEO element.)

Here are some ways to increase organic traffic and increase keyword rankings:

  1. Create a separate page for each podcast (along with a directory of all of them).

2, Make sure the TITLE and Meta descriptions reflect your targeted keywords  

  1. Add at least 500 words of content for any page you want to rank well
  2. Add supporting content to your podcast page like: recap, show notes with timestamps, transcript, key takeaways, checklists/worksheets, epsiode art
  3. translate your audio file to a video file and upload on top video streaming sites. 
  4. Reach out to relevant industry partners for link building (Including guests, hosts, related blogs etc…)

Tom:  When most people think of podcasts, they think of public-facing conversations. Few think of them — let alone use them — to communicate with the workforce, where they have the potential to give company leadership a singularly effective way to communicate and maintain a coherent company culture, which is a particular challenge in a post-pandemic world with so much of the workforce working remotely.

Carlos: Yes, definitely, I think it’s an excellent idea  – we’ve had several companies reach out about that, especially now with people working from home, I think this’ll be something more companies will implement. We’re already seeing a major shift.

Charles: What podcasts do you listen to?

Carlos: My two Favorites are Joe Rogan and Neil Patel

Charles to Tom: In your professional opinion – or just as a listener –  what goes into a solid podcast.

Tom: Any final thoughts?

Carlos: Podcasting and SEO are a natural fit – and to make them both work you definitely need production expertise, distribution expertise and a deep level of up-to-date knowledge of Google’s algorithms…since they change constantly…but the payoff can be huge.

Just always think – If you want to rank well on google, you need to become a resource for people…and at the same time, make sure Google bots understand it through SEO tactics.

Tom: (Wrap, refer to the links on the page below for more, etc.)

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