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Let me answer this with a resounding ABSOLUTELY!

Did you know thousands of people make a sustainable living out of it? A more common term you may be familiar with are INFLUENCERS. We all follow them, whether it be for business, your favorite celeb, a home organizer, or even your fashion icon… they all make their money via affiliates.

Let’s start by understanding the basics of Affiliate Marketing, and how it works.

Affiliate marketing is when an advertiser pays you a commission for traffic or sales generated from selling or promoting their products and services.

Affiliate marketers are getting funds by referring new consumers to other businesses, products, or services, often through tracked links posted in their blog posts or articles, emails, web pages, or social media posts.

There are various ways of growing these vendor to consumer relationships. You can partner with a brand featuring a particular product and receive a percentage of the revenue generated by your promotions. Or, you may receive a share of revenue through websites like Amazon when a follower purchases a product… you know the whole “swipe up” feature on Instagram.

How does Affiliate Marketing work to earn money that could reward you in a big way?

So, if you’re still asking yourself if affiliate marketing actually works… it 100% does!

The basics above are the solutions to understanding the other aspects of this process It may include building your website, setting up additional social media platforms, and creating consistent content using social media for your website and those clicks.

Affiliate Marketing does work, but it is HARD work. It takes grit, constant content, and 100% commitment. It takes time to grow your audience, so keep in mind that one week of content will not allow you to quit your 9-5.

In some cases, you will be able to replace your current income in time, but it takes consistency.

Review the right products

Affiliate marketing gives you a platform to learn about the product you are using and talk about it publicly. You have to choose the right products that have an audience that is bound to trust them. You can leverage the power of influence to convince the people to buy the product from your selected brand with genuine and helpful reviews.

Discount Coupons

Attract sales with coupons, discounts, promo codes and leveraging deals are one of the best affiliate techniques to boost sales.

Pay-per-click Advertisement

If you have a budget, with Pay-per-click advertising, you can bid on relevant keywords related to promoting the product you are trying to market. PPC campaigns help you target the right audience and show your ad for the related search queries. It requires a thorough study of your audience and their primary demographics, such as age, location, gender, profession, etc.


Email marketing is still one of the powerful ways of converting the visitor into buyers. Build an email list by providing at least one call-to-action on your website or blogs, to redirect people to your page. Once you have the list of emails, you can affiliate the buyers with content via email, promoting special offers or new products, and offering freebies directly to their inbox. Companies like Mail Chimp and Hubspot are great examples of these.

Product Page Optimization For Conversions

Affiliate marketing drives buyers to your page. Bottom line. It’s the vendor’s job to hold the customer until they purchase the product from that page. It requires complete optimization of the product page for boosting the conversions. To deliver a good customer experience, you must ensure to provide features like a mobile-friendly website, fast loading speed, attractive display of the products, and engaging product description speaking about the brand. Optimized page retains the customers and boosts your marketing efforts. We all know we’ve added things to our “cart” and have never fully checked out. Or is that only me?

There are other strategies like utilizing webinars and newsletters to educate your target audience.

Affiliate Marketing helps boost sales and attract customers when effectively combined with the right techniques.

However, the journey is not so black and white, like explained above. It takes constant grit and consistency… but most entrepreneurs already have that, am I right?

Happy marketing!

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