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“I honestly don’t know of any other medium where you can make such a deep, personal connection with your listeners.” 

Branded B2B  Podcasts – Fully Customized and Managed from Renowned Multimedia Creative Team Alexander & Epstein 

In association with Curious Check’s digital marketers.

“Overall, podcasts are not just for marketing. They also help to educate and connect with customers at a deeper level while building a community. In an age where brands want to be present across social media platforms, podcasts are not something which should be missed out on.” 

Podcast As Marketing Tool: It Creates Value For Listeners

Custom Built

  1. Select Format
    Co-hosted (with member of your organization)


  2. Develop Sound Template
    theme music
    voice-over intro and close


  3. Frequency

Turnkey Production

  • We schedule the interviews
  • Provide professional production support (editing, de-noising, promotional “drops,” etc.).
  • Distribute each podcast for streaming at: Apple, Google and Amazon Podcasts, Spotify.

Podcasting and SEO

According to Forbes, iTunes is a rank one website: 

“Hence, any founder who is featured on a podcast with a description contributes to SEO ratings of the brand. Hence, podcasts can be an effective tool in boosting up page rankings. Listeners are increasing for podcast channels and 115 million people are expected to listen to podcasts per week.”

CuriousChecks’ SEO engineers can leverage your podcasts to achieve a high online search ranking.  

Helmed by Renowned Multimedia Creative Team Alexander & Epstein

Tom Alexander and Charles Epstein have been a multi-media creative team for 20 years. They’ve developed, produced and hosted several nationally syndicated radio shows and are co-hosts/producers of a number of popular B2B podcasts.

Host, Producer Charles Epstein is a marketing executive, tech entrepreneur, business/humor writer and columnist (Workspan’s NSFW, HuffPo). 

Host, Producer Tom Alexander is a composer and recording artist, voiceover specialist and Silver Microphone Award-winning broadcaster.

We’re happy to schedule a call to discuss how we can create and produce a branded podcast that amplifies your core marketing messages, promoting deeper and more authentic engagement between you and your audience.

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