CEO Carlos Crameri launched the platform only recently, yet it is fast becoming a success. The platform matches businesses small and large with HR software, marketing, payment processors and more. We got to speak with Carlos to learn more about his simple and easy software shopping solution.

Carlos, what inspired you to start CuriousCheck?

CuriousCheck has been on my mind for nearly a decade, but how it started in my head to where it is now is so different. But it all started with a desire to simplify.

I worked for a FinTech company that helped me see how measuring and analyzing data trends while encouraging organic reviews can reap massive benefits. I also saw how a company who has been around for 20+ years was so set in their ways that new software wasn’t something they entertained, and if they did, they lacked the education to use it.

I knew there had to be a way to simplify and modernize the software world. A way to connect businesses with the right software. I wanted to capitalize on the abundance of peer reviews and demand for modernization. And so I did. I started up a platform which would unify and simplify all the tools needed to run a successful business. Doing so even helped me build CuriousCheck!

What was your background prior to starting the company and how did it help you?

I completed a Bachelor of Criminal Justice/Cybercrime at Kennesaw State University in 2010 and then interned at a criminal data wholesale provider. The internship turned into paid work, which lasted six years.

I was always technologically-minded – I believe people call this ‘nerdy’ – so I enrolled in a Master of Software Engineering course. I ended up dropping out after the first year. Some people say this was a mistake, but I would argue that it was the greatest decision I ever made. I was able to hone in on my work at multiple background screening companies, where I capitalised on my managerial and sales skills, and learned what scaling really looks like.

While I wasn’t actively working at CuriousCheck like I am today, it was being carefully created and cultivated. After the birth of my son in 2017, I knew I had to do more to provide for my family, so I took the job at a FinTech company. There I learned key sales and marketing tactics, as they are ranked #9 on Deloitte’s Tech Fast 500 – a ranking of the 500 fastest growing tech companies in North America.

During my on and off decade with multiple companies in HR, I worked in tandem with Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs), ATS and HCMs, educating me on integrations, typical prospects and much more. All my experience has led me to where I am today with CuriousCheck. Every success and every failure has helped mold me and my company into what we are today, and I am beyond eager to share my creation with the world.

What are the benefits of using CuriousCheck?