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Best Team Chat Alternative to Slack and Monday

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About Chanty – Task Management

Chanty is a team chat messaging app that uses AI bots to improve communication and collaboration and focuses on tasks instead of chat.

It’s a powerful way to streamline company operations, so that everyone knows what is going on and can focus on the work rather than the chat.

To get started, create your team space or join existing ones. Invite colleagues for a better team collaboration experience.

Communicate in one-to-one, team-wide public or invite-only private conversations.

Share instant messages, files, or any other content you like.

Create, assign, filter and discuss tasks directly in Chanty.

Chanty an AI powerd Team management software pricing

Chanty Pricing

Track the latest task activity and stay organized with Team book hub for your team members, conversations, tasks and shared content.

Tag individual members or the whole team with @mentions. Structure up adding your conversations to Favorites. Pin important messages for fast and easy access. Preview links, documents. Stay connected with adjustable notifications and much more.

Curious Notes

Picking the way you communicate in business has become more challenging by the day. Not only have teams been stuck at home during the Covid lockdown, but we have more time to look into apps to try out and more and more options for how we chat.

Chanty is the top free and paid alternative to Monday.

Top alternative to Monday

In our opinion Monday is the most popular team chat or task management tool out there, however, if the amazing integrations from Monday aren’t a big deal, Monday is a bit too pricey for our standards.

Ways Chanty Helps Your Team

In a single day, you might receive multiple text messages, dozens of emails, social media direct messages and chats, and pings from a messaging client or team member.

Fortunately, one of the most unusual and powerful features in the messaging app Chanty is that it focuses on tasks and work. So this is in fact a task manager and can even be considered a project management app. In fact, the Tasks button gets prominent placement up at the top left above any conversations.

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There is something a bit quirky about Chanty, and it’s not because the name is a variation of the word “chantey” (e.g., a tune that sailors used to sing as they worked). Chanty surprises you by making tasks the focus and not the collaborative chat. The whole idea is to assign tasks to your team members and then communicate about those tasks.

It’s different in a good way, though. With apps like Flock and Glip, you have to adjust to the interface and you eventually start missing how Slack or Microsoft Teams look and function. With Chanty, you adjust to the interface over time and start appreciating the novelty. The app seems like it is designed for software development teams.


  • The task-based approach helps you
  • Low monthly price per user
  • Activity/News Feed
  • File Sharing
  • Real-time Chat
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Discussion Threads
  • Search
  • Task Management
  • Video Conferencing


  • No group video chats
  • The free version is severely limited
  • No Audio Calls
  • Surveys & Feedback are not available.
  • No Third Party Integration

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