Accept payments anywhere, manage all activity in the cloud and receive award-winning service.

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E-commerce software For In-Person Payments For Website

About PayJunction

PayJunction accepts payments on your website or in-person​


Receive amazing financial reports, and drastically reduce processing fees compared to Stripe and Paypal. Just check out these rates below


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Online Reputation

Capterra 4.8/5- Excellent Reviews
(90+ Reviews)


G2 Reviews 3.9/5- Average Reviews
(7+ Reviews)


Merchant Maverick Reviews 4/5- Great Reviews


Glassdoor Reviews4.8/5- Excellent Reviews
(160+ Reviews)


Curious Notes


  • Best for companies making over $5,000+ in sales.
  • Massive following in Healthcare and Car Dealership industries, but can work with almost any industry.
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • Free Equipment
  • Remote Signature Capture
  • Address Verification System
  • Card on File Capture
  • Recurring Billing
  • Mobile App
  • Accept ACH Electronic Checks
  • Paperless Credit Card Processor



  • Not recommended for companies making less than $2,000 a month due to an added monthly fee.
  • Only works in the USA
  • Cannot work with high-risk accounts

For Business Size:

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Additonal Information

What is a Payment Processor?

Unlike merchant accounts, payment processors are responsible for transmitting payment info from a client facing portal to the banks used to complete the transaction.

Both the software and hardware used to send this information is typically provided by the payment processor company.

How does CuriousCheck find the most affordable Payment Processor?

Whether you intend to do business on a website, work with in-person payments, or both, you typically have to do all the research yourself.

Check out our free credit card processor advisor today!