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Payment processor guide is a FREE service that quickly analysis top rated businesses so you are guaranteed the lowest processing fees.

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CuriousCheck provides accurate matches by intelligently analyzing key factors, like features, average value of transactions, purpose needed, type of business and more. You will never be matched with a company with a low online reputation.

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Horray! You've saved hundreds or even thousands by not choosing the wrong payment processor partner... once the survey is complete, we provide you up to 3 perfect matches for your business. We'd never send you a business with low online reputation.


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Our advanced reputation scoring algorithm analyzes numerous data throughout the web including, all credible review websites, user review contentage of reviews, and negative/positive trends in recent reviews. 

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Zero Fee processing is changing the way payment processors work. Thousands of companies are catching on. The catch? Your customers are paying for the fee. You get no monthly fees, no batch fees, and available in all 50 states. Check it out today!

Here are companies that provide high approval ratings, which also include for high-risk businesses like CBD, Adult, Tobacco & and Vape, Bad Credit, Diet Programs, Firearms and much more. 

Unlike merchant accounts, payment processors are responsible for securely transmitting payment information from a client facing portal to the banks used to complete the transaction.

Both the software and hardware used to transmit this information is typically provided by the payment processor company. How do you know which processing company is best for you? Our matching services can help you be certain of just that.

This often means searching for security standards that protect your business (some state laws can also affect what standards you need to meet).

The latest technology even incorporates AI to help identify important information in documents and across social channels to provide accurate, recent information.

Generally speaking, the better software a consumer reporting agency has, the more quickly and accurately they will generate a background check for a business or client.

Normally, you’d have to conduct your own search to find the best price, relevant services, and processing speeds. With the large number of available services out there, that’s no small task.

Whether you intend to do business on a website, work with in-person payments, or both, you typically have to do all the research yourself.

PCI compliance, for example, means that your software will have detection, prevention and appropriate reaction for threats that may otherwise compromise your business’s transactions.

Payment processor software isn’t made in a ‘one size fits all’ format; different features will interact with your payment terminal software and accounting programs in unique ways.

Ideally, you’ll want to find payment processors with seamless compatibility and add-ons for helping to manage how data is secured, recorded and viewed based.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) that offer reporting services can often be customized so you can easily access information about every transaction, from its initiation to its settlement.

You can make creating your ideal checklist for quality payment processor software easier and skip the hours of research when you use our matching services.

Pay for exactly what you need without the headache of spending too much for services when you use our intelligent ranking system that considers security, compatibility and all the other features most important to your business.

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