Publicfast – Influencer Marketing Platform

Helps thousands of influencers to be discovered and collaborate with 1000+ brands on 721 active marketing campaigns

Type of Solutions

Increase your Conversions Social Media

About Publicfast – Influencer Marketing Platform

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Publicfast lets you create amazing campaigns with famous influencers and increase your reach!

You can Broadcast your content across social media with Publicfast today.

Broadcast on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and more.

Publicfast Features

Powerful analytics and as predictible as Facebook ads. Provides cost per click, impressions and many other data sets that improve your marketing strategy. 

Easily detect mass followers and unfollows, shady accounts, calculate geography of your followers and languages they speak instantly. 

For Business Size:

Large Medium Small
Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, USA

Online Reputation:


Over 90k Active creators
Case Studies Available