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HR Advisor's Mission

HR Advisor's Mission

CuriousCheck’s HR software advisor is a FREE service that quickly analysis your company’s goals, industry, size and ideal features needed. 

Our team of HR software consultants have gathered data from hundreds of business surveys, customer reviews, & consistently remains ahead of human resources’ future trends. 

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Our advanced reputation scoring algorithm analyzes numerous data throughout the web including, all credible review websites, user review contentage of reviews, and negative/positive trends in recent reviews. 

TOP HR Features

Human Resource Software Features

Click on any of the HR Software Features below and it will take you to the Software directory and it will take you to the top-rated companies. 

Manages the act of paying your employees as well as direct deposits, checks, tax compliance, and W-2 form printing.

Manage employee benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, retirement accounts, and compliance in a single location.Health Insurance

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is software that manages the recruiting and hiring process, including job postings and job applications.

Lets anyone at an organization give a performance review of any other person. Employees can rate their managers and provide confidential/anonymous feedback, and people from different teams can review each other.

Manage paid time off, vacation, and sick days in one location.

Scheduling – aimed at industries with hourly employees. Track, assign, and adjust which employees are scheduled to work when. 

Typically for companies with 1k plus employees. Ditch the Work Number and partner with a reputable business that gives back to you. 

Video interviewing software lets you record, automate interviews, provides easy sharing for collaboration and more.

Delivers training courses and material directly to employees, allowing them to take classes and tests, and allowing employers to track their progress, award certifications, and more.

Hire an HR Manager for as low as $99 a month. Recommended only for small businesses needing employee resolutions, terminations, federal and state labor regulation compliance and other general HR assistance.

Let’s face it:  Human Resources is not only a critical function within a company, but it’s also multi-faceted.  

HR Software can serve multiple roles that span from recruiting new talent, onboarding, tracking employees’ progress, time scheduling, payroll solutions, benefits and offboarding. 

HR Software’s primary function is to help employees and management integrate all HR tasks into a streamlined and digital solution. However, HR and Talent Software is not a “one size” fits all solution. CuriousCheck provides scaled, personalized solutions for your growing workforce.

All you need to do is choose the functions that would be relevant to your needs and  our HR software finder service intelligently guides you to your ideal partners. 

We provide specific HR categories such as Core HR, Recruiting & Onboarding, and Performance Focused to help narrow your search and identify the best software for you in seconds! 

Keep checking our site to keep you updated on the latest trends and features like Video Interviewing, Text interviewing or even hiring an HR professional On Demand.

When you’re finished with the interactive questionnaire, you will be able to clearly define your needs, your priorities and other important parameters.  

You’ll save hours on due diligence and potentially quite a bit of capital by identifying and using the HR talent software solution that best fits what you need to do. 

Only top-rated and reputable companies will be listed as your matches. You’re guaranteed the most competitive price on the market, because these companies are working directly with you knowing you’re coming from CuriousCheck.  

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