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About ZorroSign

A secure and encrypted eSignature and advanced digital transaction management solution to safeguard authorized documents.

Use real electronic signature, workflows, templates, audit trails, and other capabilities to go digital and become paper-free.

Contracts, NDA, new hire packets, offer letters, consent forms, KYC and more can be digitized and processed using workflows and templates.


Curious Notes

ZorroSign is by far the best free alternative to DocuSign.

With Blockchain technology for security and an audit trail, this is as safe as you can get for an esignature/digital signature.

Not to mention, it’s half the cost of DocuSign and even comes with the flexibility of connecting with an api to your site for a seamless experience (not included in free version).


Sign up for free and no credit card needed. Next tier is only $10.


Integration costs for automation can get as expensive as Docusign.

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Electronic Signature
Close Deals Faster
Save trees and reduce carbon footprint
API Capabilities
Integrate with payments