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Collect.Chat is a user-friendly chatbot builder tool that lets users create chatbots for websites as an alternative to static web forms and sales representatives in engaging and interactive visitors. This application lets you create chatbots within minutes and users don’t need to be expert in coding to use the software.

With Collect.Chat, companies and individuals are able to gather more information from their visitors, generate and track more leads, and improve conversion. The application automates everything. Apart from generating leads, Collect.Chat is an ideal platform for building email lists, scheduling sales meetings, gathering feedbacks, executing surveys and much more.

Collect.Chat Features

Collect.Chat provides you with a chat bot builder that makes building chatbots faster and easier. You never have to deal and tweak lines of codes to create a custom chatbot for your website. That means you have total control of what your chat bots do and the questions they ask your visitors.

That also means you save time and money as you don’t have to hire coders for their services or dedicate a significant amount of time creating chat widgets. With, you can build your chatbots and deploy them almost immediately with no loss of money, time, and other resources.

To help speed up things, gives you a dozen of question templates containing relevant and significant questions to ask your visitors. This makes your chatbots more engaging and entices your visitors to interact, ensuring that you get precious details so you can formulate effective and personalized approaches.

Once your chatbot is ready, Collect.Chat offers three easy ways to install the snippet to your website: Copy-paste a code snippet, Use WordPress plugin, or Mail your developer.

After your chatbot is installed, Collect.Chat shows you the details via powerful visualizations via its neat and user-friendly dashboard. As the old adage goes, knowledge is power. Collect.Chat gives you the knowledge you need so you can solve pain points and make decisions on your business. pricing

Curious Notes

This is the chatbot we use on the right side of the screen…. check it out sometime!

We’ve integrated Collect.Chat with Calendly (Online Appointment Booking Software) and it saves us a ton of time.


There’s a free version available with 50 responses per month, however this goes quick and you cannot add any logic jumps.

Next tier pricing starts only at $18.00 per month and completely worth it.

Other Collect.Chat alternatives with high online reputation are LiveChat, ChatBot, Jivochat and for Shopify – Octane AI.



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