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Create a free website with Wix! Easiest drag and drop website builder available.

Free and reliable web hosting, excellent security, the best SEO, and a dedicated support team.

More than 160 million people around the world trust Wix to build free websites.

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Curious Notes

Wix is a powerful website builder. Even though they have high reviews on most sites, they’re getting crushed with negative reviews on Trustpilot since April 2020.

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Overall verdict found is that Wix is good IF you’re new to building websites and want to make something simple… but otherwise it’s not the best.

CuriousCheck Wix Review

We create sites on multiple website builders to get a real feel for the user experience. We just launched www.factsnotopinions.com and some ecommerce sites on here as well and they work great if you need a quick site that looks modern and clean.

Issues we’ve encountered with WIX:

  1. Limitations on SEO, like header tags on blog pages and canonical links on category pages.
  2. Slow speed if videos, graphs or even FAQ blocks are added.
  3. Most plugins you add are extremely weak.

Some positives we’ve encountered with WIX:

  1. Easy Email Automation setup (compared to others like Squarespace and WordPress)
  2. Simple to learn and you can create beautiful websites
  3. Great looking blog templates
  4. Free photos and videos

Wix Website builder Summary

Basically, if you’re in need of a more complicated site, like our Software Directory Listing, Wix will be too limited and ultimately become too slow due to the lack of page customizations.

Here’s a screenshot of the Wix Editor

wix website builder editor


Short-Term Pricing

Site Configuration is easy

100+ Free templates

All in one for making a website.

Simple SEO Optimization

Great for Blogs and typical e-Commerce sites



Poor 3rd party apps (plugins) and most freemium plugins some critics say are almost worthless

You cant export data

Not great for more complicated sites

For Business Size:

Large Medium Small
Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, USA

Online Reputation:


Very Easy to learn
E commerce available
Free domain with some exception