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Make The Shift to Zero Fee Processing. Putting More Profit In Business Owner's Pockets Everyday.

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E-commerce software For In-Person Payments For Website

About Shift Processing-Zero Fee Processing

Stop paying processing fees that are no longer deemed your responsibility to pay. $6B has been awarded in a class-action suit filed by thousands of business owners and has changed the landscape of credit card processing.

We are a company that is helping business owners turn their processing fees back into profit.

We see an average savings of thousands of dollars per month. Each business owner we work with is capitalizing on the processing fees saved.

They’re using these funds to grow their business or increase profit. I love helping small businesses change their bottom line. We are giving them freedom from the cost of accepting credit cards.

Great For High-Risk Merchants

High Risk Businesses love Shift because they can process in the United States with no account reserves or multiple MID’s.

Have You Been Turned Down For Credit Card Processing Because Of Being High Risk?
Shift has a  99% Approval Rating.

High risk merchants with free processing fees

Who Uses Shift Processing?

  • Retail Businesses,
  • Service Based Businesses
  • eCommerce
  • High Risk Businesses
  • Most importantly small businesses.
    • These companies love Shift because no fees equals more profit. 

Shift Credit Card Processing Benefits

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