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Increase your Conversions Review Management

About NiceJob

NiceJob is the easiest way to grow your business in 2020. Turn your customers into reviewers.

Get more referrals and sales by automating your whole online reputation campaigns.

NiceJob features automated emails and text messages that trigger customers to leave reviews. Reminders are sent if customers don’t leave a review.

Users can create customer stories using photos, comments and tags in the reviews.

nicejob increase reviews

Customer stories can be published to the website and selected stories can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well.


  • Makes getting reviews simple. Only takes 2 clicks and less than 30 seconds per user.
  • Creates great social media posts that drive up to 3x more engagement than sharing a text review.
  • Measures results, conversion rates, and bounce rates
  • Numerous review sites available for automation

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