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System Integrator providing Saas automation for CRAs to service Employers, Landlords & Consumers providing reports and verifications to make better decisions hiring or leasing to tenants.

Direct Consumer capability is also available for those interested in whats publicly available.

EZyCheck3.0 also can assist churches, and non-profits bringing in volunteers and coaches, etc.

Epic Concepts offers a Private Labeled solution with a wide variety of options for CRAs, Employers and applicants with 3 decades of experience.

Epic Concepts offers an “Open” system and considers itself All Inclusive. We have additional HR related products in development to benefit Employers and CRAs alike.

Company Benefits

  • Secure Data Communications
  • Integrates with over 200 data products
  • Integrated with many ATS & HRIS
  • Easy for people to use
  • FCRA & GDPR compliant
  • Drug Testing from multiple labs
  • Post hire products
  • Continuous monitoring

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