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About EagleCheck

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EagleCheck is a decentralized platform that aims to help background screeners to find data much easier and faster.

Partnering with EagleCheck allows background screeners to automate the verification process, increase profitability and reduce turnaround time

Benefits of Background Screeners Partnering With EagleCheck

1. Background screening companies will be saving money, because the verifications in the EagleCheck platform costs less than the current provider ones.

2. They will be saving time as for when the verification is already on EC, they will be able to perform verifications in seconds, and increase their customer retention and satisfaction.

3. Background screening companies will generate a new source of revenue when other companies use the verifications they have uploaded on to EagleCheck.

4. The background screening companies who join the pilot will be receiving a higher percentage of the revenue share per verification.

5. Their compliance process can be done completely digital and automated using our platform.

6. We will give our clients ongoing support to help them adapt to the software, answer any questions they may have and fix any bugs or problems they face.

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