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About Diib – SEO Tool

Diib delivers BIG data analysis in an easy-to-use SaaS package.

complex data into simple solutions

Over 150,000 businesses use diib as a SEO tool to find new ways to grow with:

Actionable Analytics

You don’t need a Ph.D. in analytics to understand how your website is performing for your business. Their platform delivers simple, high-impact analysis, reporting, and visuals to let you know how you are doing and what to do next.

Industry-Based Ranking

With diib you know your site’s annual value and how well your business is performing online in your industry.

Custom Learning Tracks

Diib creates a custom growth plan for your business’s online presence. Find lucrative opportunities and grow confidently with articles, videos and more. They also have custom solutions that are tied into one simple revenue-based KPI.

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Privacy with diib

According to diib, they never sell, share, or store your website’s specific data. They do not even require you to place a pixel on your website. Diib syncs with your existing analytics accounts and uses that data when you log in to your dashboard. If you choose to ever delete your account they automatically remove every piece of data you have shared with them.

Curious Notes

Diib has helped us tremendously in understanding modern SEO tactics. Their free version is a limited, but will show still show you very important data sets for your website.

The next tier is only $19.99 a month and you can monitor up to 30 different websites. This right here is well worth it.

If you are an agency (about 20% of their users) you can add up to 30 websites in a single dashboard for only $19.99. Their customer service is amazing and go far and beyond for what we were paying them. CuriousCheck had a major SEO issue when we launched related to our React app and they found the solution we were searching for after an hour conversation with their support.

Alternatives to diib  

This is not close to as robust as other SEO tools such as SEMrush or Moz; however, if you’re a beginner in SEO (diib teaches you what you need to do) or simply need some complex data to be broken down for a fraction of the cost compared to other SEO tools, diib is the tool for you.


  • Teaches you and analyzes your site
  • Easy to Understand Growth Plan
  • Road Map to increasing Google Rankings and Organic Traffic
  • Competitor Analysis


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