DeleTrain – Automated Onboarding & Training

Top Alternative to Trainual

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Learning Management

About DeleTrain – Automated Onboarding & Training

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DeleTrain is a web-based employee training solution helping organizations create stunning training manuals and onboard new hires through self learning. 

The built in editor helps users create the manual content by adding any kinds of PDFs, video, links, audio, images and more. 

It’s extremely simple to use their drag and drop builder. 

Scale with ease having every how-to, procedure, process, and policy all in one place. 

DeleTrain Online Reputation

GetApp 4.7/5
(4 Reviews)


Capterra 4.8/5
(4 Reviews)


DeleTrain's Review from CuriousCheck

Even though there aren’t nearly as many reviews as I had hoped on DeleTrain, the online reputation on Deletrain has been great. 

DeleTrain’s Pricing compared to Trainual

DeleTrain is the top alternative to Trainual. Trainual has a much smother look to their platform, but literally double the price. If you’re someone who cannot afford Trainual, we highly encourage you to try DeleTrain.

Deletrain Free Trial

The Free 14 day trial is great. It provides all the time you need to test with at least 1 new hire. 

For Business Size:

Large Medium Small
Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, USA