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CuriousCheck’s Background Screening advisor is a FREE service that quickly analysis your company’s goals, industry, size and ideal services needed. Our team of background check consultants have gathered data from hundreds of business surveys, customer reviews, and consistently remains ahead of the industry’s future trends.  

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CuriousCheck provides accurate matches by intelligently analyzing key factors, like industry, size, services needed, pain-points and more. You will never be matched with a company with a low online reputation.

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Our advanced reputation scoring algorithm analyzes numerous data throughout the web including, all credible review websites, user review contentage of reviews, and negative/positive trends in recent reviews. 

Background Screening Services

Click on any of the Background Screening Features below. It will take you to the Software directory’s top-rated companies. 

Whether you’re worried about what’s on your record or you’re needing it for some other purpose. Using the right background checks company is extremely important. 

Pre-employment background checks is the most common request there is. These companies are pros when it comes to providing timely and compliant background checks. All the companies listed here are FCRA complaint and abide by the EEOC. 

Not conducting a background check on a potential tenant can be an extremely costly mistake. Work with the pros that will make sure you’re covered when denying a High Risk Tenant housing.  

People Search sites are now popping all over the place, but not all of them are equal. We have listed the top rated People Search sites for searching Online Dates, Friends, and even strangers. 

Drug Tests are important to maximize risk in your organization. Choose a provider that is available in your area and reputable. 

Whether you need fingerprinting for a government regulated situation or for personal reasons, here are the companies available providing Fingerprinting Services. 

You can learn a lot about someone through their social media accounts. Find Racial, Sexist and even violent behavior trends. Find a provider that has this service available here. 

When hiring an executive you’re risking sharing valuable trade secrets. By conducting an executive background check you’re covering your bases. 

Healthcare Sanctions, Motor vehicle reports and professional license searches are just a couple of typical healthcare screening services. Find the companies that are reputable today.

Background screening software or Background Check Software helps automate the process of conducting background checks, which usually consists of sifting through court records and other information regarding education, employment and credit history.

The latest technology even incorporates AI to help identify important information in documents and across social channels to provide accurate, recent information.

Generally speaking, the better software a consumer reporting agency has, the more quickly and accurately they will generate a background check for a business or client.

Normally, you’d have to conduct your own search to find the best price, relevant services, and processing speeds. With the large number of available services out there, that’s no small task.

At Curious Check, we use an intelligent rating system to quickly and conveniently provide you with background screening software and services best suited to your needs, whether that’s staying inside of a certain budget or making certain you’ll get the full information you need for a background check.

Some of the most common background checks are for employment and new home or apartment renters.

The sources for these checks can include: a person’s credit history, criminal record, work history, use of social media, criminal record, drug screening, education, and more.

Typically, the more extensive a background check is, the more expensive it costs, so you’ll need to know what information is most important to your purposes going in.

It’s also important to note that not all background reports can be used the same way; consumer reporting agencies, for example, are the right kind of businesses to go to for the purpose of employment or tenant screening.

With over 1500 active consumer reporting agencies, we help you pinpoint the top company for your industry, company size, and with a high reputation.

Each country has their own set of laws and regulations and having the right CRA that can provide you education and consulting nationwide or even worldwide is key.




If you’re curious about someone’s background and it’s not for a hiring or housing decision then you’re safe to use a People Search site.

These sites are intelligent database platforms that collect millions of public record information, including criminal records, and organize them for you to view in real time.

As with CRAs, the more high-tech these platforms are, the more accurate the data you will receive.

The great thing about these sites are that it’s 100% anonymous, meaning no consent is required and typically all you need is a name and the state they live in to begin the search. No social security needed.

People Search sites are ideal for online dates, neighbors, family members, long lost friends etc….

With Curious Check, you can be sure that you’re getting exactly the right kind of service you need without any of the confusion or hours of research.

Follow our quick and easy step-by-step system above to get matched with the background check software and service best suited for your budget and information needs—for free.

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